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Last stop was genius Torben Asp a nice way to end a night like that. Torben ( Denmark ) has always been playing around with recording stuff, keyboards synthesizers and other cool equipment. First time I heard him it reminded me of Jean Michel Jarre but that wouldn’t be fair, Torben goes beyond that. The music meanders, swirls and melodies keep on rotating in your ears. It was late and I had turn down the lights, sitting in my favourite chair next to the window I looked outside and let my mind wander off while Torben’s music floatet around me. Denmark must be proud!

Music Matters Magazine Issue 1

Melodic Maestro By Summer Serra

The melody arises, it’s harmonious tendrils gently swirl around, slowly encompassing the senses.

There is something magical about music, it’s indescribable power to instill and bring forth emotions, thoughts and memories. Torben Asp has harnessed that magic in his musical compositions to emphasize feelings and visions to his attentive audience.

Long before his appearance in this virtual world, Torben’s life was infused with melodies. From humming compositions in childhood to learning how to record tracks with a portable keyboard and tape recorder as a teen. A selection from his first recording was presented to 2500 attendees at a soccer stadium, amazing exposure for a young composer.

As music composition software emerged from advancing technology, so emerged Torben’s renewed spark in music. Once in this virtual metaverse, Torben began to build his foundation with The Yard Club. The Yard Club has evolved from it’s early start as a dance club to a thriving live music venue.

As the live performers circulated, Torben began to wonder how people would respond to his musical compositions. October 19, 2007, bravery prevailed and Torben presented to his audience a performance that was anything but the usual mainstream.

Torben’s performances are arranged electronically using music software and a MIDI keyboard. “I want to create pictures and set you in a certain mood instead of being the next superstar and I like to call it Recreative Music.”

From the high energy electronica by Darude and the pioneer of synths Jean Michel Jarre to the classical master compositions of Mozart and Vivaldi, Torben has a wealth of inspiration.

Torben’s recent successful creative revelations were originated by inworld experiences. Red Rock Mesa, in Native Lands, developed to preserve southwest and Native American culture, gave light to Torben’s Indian Proverb. The Cypress Chronicle was developed after being acquainted with fellow artist Cypress Rosewood.

Discovering the experience of Recreative Music is quite simple. With an album available at CDBaby, MP3’s on inworld MP3 kiosks, and his weekly inworld performance schedule posted on his website, it is not difficult to travel Torben’s instrumental journey.

His website also offers a taste of a few of his compositions and a link to purchase his new CD “Senses”. Once there, one can also explore Torben’s Diary of his upcoming travels on the grid and canvass the review page that leaves you with the burning question “Does he water his plants?”.

Live music on the grid allows exposure to a multitude of genres. Torben Asp had made his imprint on the grid, and is excited at being able to present his personal style and genre . “I feel I have made some rings in the people should just discover the rings and try to find the center of it.”


-"Torben Asp, creates a swirling vortex of amazing electronic orchestrations." -"Hailing from Denmark, Torben is one of SL's most unique and expert Live Music performers."


-"His sounds will sometimes shake you in your boots, or lull you into a dreamy sleep."


- "I just hope he still waters his plants!"


- "Hmm....."


- "What's a CD??"